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Magpie Games is thrilled to announce that they are taking over the sales of the Noteboard!

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For a long time, Magpie Games has been a big fan of Statty's Noteboard. When Statty announced that they were moving on to other things, we were sad to see them go, but so excited at the opportunity to give it a new home.

Starting Nov 27th, 2020, Magpie Games will be the company responsible for sales of the official branded Noteboard. You can buy it here or on our website:

We will be updating this website with more up-to-date information. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience as we go through this transitional period.

Noteboards, the movies

Thanks to Jan Osolnik in Slovenia for this awesome Noteboard video!

(Note, the video features a version 2 Noteboard, where the pen included an eraser. We have since moved to version 3, which has our new longer lasting pen that erases more easily, but no built-in eraser)

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