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The Noteboards will be soon available again

Mark, Ralf and Simon have been running The Noteboard now for 3 years. They have sold Noteboards to thousands of individuals, and thousands of Noteboards to businesses. With their other companies (Profantasy Software and Pelgrane Press) they never had the time to invest the love and attention The Noteboard needs to grow – and there is so much potential.

We, Stattys, Inc., are in a process to close the asset deal and to restart the Noteboard business. We will likely need few more days or weeks to set everything up, but we will soon be back.

30,000 sold all over the world — and counting!
Every Noteboard…

  • is durable, portable, and infinitely rewritable
  • folds up map-style from 35" x 15" to 5" x 3"
  • is made up of index card-sized rectangles in a 7 x 5 calendar grid
  • has a blank side and a gridded side (Great for D&D and BattleTech)
  • includes our top-quality dry-erase marker
  • stows neatly in its machine-washable microfiber pouch that doubles as your eraser
  • is made in the USA!

Noteboards, the movies

Thanks to Jan Osolnik in Slovenia for this awesome Noteboard video!

(Note, the video features a version 2 Noteboard, where the pen included an eraser. We have since moved to version 3, which has our new longer lasting pen that erases more easily, but no built-in eraser)

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