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Creative DynamosOn March 20 2015, 48 girls aged from 12 to 17 gathered at Red Hat in Westford MA for a 36-hour creativity marathon. In twelve teams, they used The Noteboard, as one of a set of tools in their "creativity bag", to bring their ideas to life in a challenge to create a prototype design for an assistive solution to help people living with disabilities.

So who were these creative dynamos and what’s it got to do with us?

The All Girl Challenge is the brain child of Kimberly Adams, Managing Partner of Flying Bridges, an international social enterprise working with individuals, governments, public organizations and private companies to turn people’s ideas into something which can benefit their community. What we like about Flying Bridges is that they use bite-sized, scalable steps to achieve big goals. What we like about Kimberly is that she is filled with enthusiasm about her dreams, but also capable of bringing them to life.

The All Girl Challenge itself brings girls together in local creativity marathons to work together to provide a prototype solution to real-world social problems, and offers local groups an online platform to create and implement their own challenges. It encourages and empowers girls and young women to forge a path in disciplines in which they are underrepresented such as science and engineering.

We created the foldable Noteboard to provide an efficient and cost-effective tool that encourages collaboration and creativity –  perfect fit for the challenge. And providing custom Noteboards to the girls so they can accomplish their Challenges not only exemplifies the purpose of our product, it also aligns perfectly with our desire to support activities that use an innovative, creative, and practical approach design and creativity.

Creativity toolbox

We didn’t have much time to put the custom bags together, so we pulled out all the stops to get them done. Kimberly told us, to our blushes “I cannot express enough my gratitude for the support AND the diligence and respect you are showing for getting our logo “just right” – this project has attracted the best partners, so welcome!”

Those partners include Toshiba, Red Hat and Comcast, and we are proud to sit alongside them in supporting the All Girl Challenge.

We look forward to working with Flying Bridges and the creativity bags for future All Girl Challenges.

Written by Mark Fulford — April 14, 2015

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