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Culture Map Canvas


Why Culture Map?

This map is perfect to discuss and evaluate your company culture. This is not an easy topic. It is even harder to change a company culture. But this is the only tool we have come across that both enables you to understand and analyze your current culture and find ways to start changing it. 

How do I use it?

The key is to identify the behaviors that lead to your desired outcome. Once you understand that you should block certain behaviors, and enable and embrace other behaviors, your changes to achieve better company culture increase significantly. You can re-use this map, if you write all topics on Stattys Notes S
We highly recommend reading this blog post on Best Practices: How To Use The Culture Map.

Other references?

The Culture Map was originally developed by Dave Gray and then improved in a more simple form together with Strategyzer. Cultivate corporate culture like a garden, is what Dave likes to say. We really like the analogy. You have to accept that it takes time and nurturing to change a company culture.
Alexander Osterwalder from Strategyzer has been an advocate for company culture for years and in his book The Invincible Company he goes deeper with Amazon's innovation culture as an example. We highly recommend to go as deep as you can in this often neglected area and read the book.

What is it?     

We would like to say it is a change management tool. It is a practical, simple, and visual tool to understand, design, test and manage the corporate culture in your organization.
Culture Map Canvas
Size: large 47" x 33"
Material: robust synthetic paper


Our recommendation?

Get this book to learn more about how to change company culture - and much more.

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