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Duo Permanent Marker set of 5 - thin tip (F) & thick tip (M)


Why Duo Permanent Marker set of 5?

The Marker is the optimal complement to our Stattys Notes.

  • The Marker can be left open for days without drying
  • It is aviation-safe: automatic pressure compensation prevents the pen from running out of the plane
  • It is colorful, odorless and free of xylol
  • The ink is smudge-proof and dry in seconds, making it ideal for lefthanders

How to use it?

The ingenious, practical and handy Duo Permanent Marker is a real all-rounder. With the thin tip (F) you can easily draw fine lines or write down your ideas / themes. With the thick tip (M) you can draw much wider lines. For example you can use it to highlight or separate individual topics.

What is it?

it´s a Permanent Marker with two leads. A thick one (M) and a thin one (F). The color of the Duo Permanent Marker is black. 

Content of Duo Permanent Marker set of 5

This set includes:

  • 5 Duo Permanent Marker in black 

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