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Sticcos Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet
(18" x 24")


Why Sticcos Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet?

Perhaps you always wanted to use a Whiteboard in your study, office or home office, but did not want to deal with the holes in the wall. Our Sticcos Whiteboard Sheets offer a brilliant solution. The sheets attach firmly and easily on all glossy surfaces (glass, glossy cupboard and doors) due to their unique ‘micronobbing' technology. As this process is free of adhesives, the whiteboard sheet can be detached and repositioned. Also, all notes and drawings with dry-erase markers can still be erased after 10 days or more.

How do I use them?

Sticcos Whiteboard Sheets attach to their glossy surface immediately and offer an excellent function in your home office. Without leaving residue on the surfaces, these Sticcos Whiteboard Sheets are an excellent alternative to the typical whiteboards. If necessary, you can also cut the foil to smaller sizes for your needs. We recommend the use on windows, glas, and fridge. Make it a family messaging board with whiteboard markers or use magnets to attach paper sheets to it. The surface you attach it, must be glossy as a window. Make sure you clean the surface with a cloth and that it is absolutely dust free, before you attach the Sticcos Whiteboard sheets to your preferred surface. 

What are they?

Sticcos Whiteboard Sheets are manufactured from high quality recyclable PET sheets and by the application of the 'micronobbing' technology. Sticcos Whiteboard Sheets are durable, thicker and robust on the working surface.  Even after 10 days, it is easy to erase any dry-erase marker notes or sketches. We call them semi-permanent whiteboard sheets, as they can be detached easy, but while taking them to a new place, it is not really convenient to carry them with you, as the micronobs tend to attached to each other or other surfaces.

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