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The Noteboard is now part of Stattys

We, Stattys, Inc., acquired The Noteboard business on 2017 and want to keep this wonderful pocket size whiteboard on the market. Currently we ship to United States and Canada. And, soon to Mexico.

Stattys was founded in 2010 in Germany and is now operating both in Europe and in the United States.

Our Mission

With simple offline visual tools and methods, we help people to simplify and to visualize their challenge. With tools we mean Stattys Notes, the Noteboard and Sticcos whiteboard sheets, markers and other accessories for your workshop.

When we talk about methods, we often mean canvas or poster that we have printed and which explains and guides you throng your challenge. A good sample of canvas or poster is the Business Model Canvas that helps you to map and understand your current business model or can help you to create new business models. These methods have been designed from our partners who are often leading worldwide experts on their subject.

By using these methods you should be able to start your project or process faster, it will be more fun to work with your team visually and the methods help you to find a common language and understaning of often more complex issues.

Our Partners

When we talk about methods, our focus is in the area of strategy and innovation. In order to provide you methods from the best experts, we have set us for partnerships. Our main partner is Strategyzer, an international leading strategy company focusing on business models and value propositions, with roots in Switzerland. If you already are familiar with Strategyzer´s materials, Stattys is the place where you want to look, if you wanted them printed and delivered to you. You also find a small selection of Strategyzer products for the north American market under products.

Strategyzer has published a series of great, visual business books. These books will be useful and good references for your strategy session using the Strategyzer materials. Below you find the links to

The Noteboard Story

You find details to the Noteboard story here.

Want to know more from Stattys?

Mikko is the founder of Stattys and he recently posted a short talk about the sustainability and reusability of Stattys. See the video below. At the end of his video he mentions the Lumocolor correctable markers, which are really ideal for the Stattys Notes, if you want to reuse the white, glossy backside of them. You can order the Lumocolor correctable markers at here. Make sure you order thicker M version and not the thin F version.

30,000 sold all over the world — and counting!
Every Noteboard…

  • is durable, portable, and infinitely rewritable
  • folds up map-style from 35" x 15" to 5" x 3"
  • is made up of index card-sized rectangles in a 7 x 5 calendar grid
  • has a blank side and a gridded side (Great for D&D and BattleTech)
  • includes our top-quality dry-erase marker
  • stows neatly in its machine-washable microfiber pouch that doubles as your eraser
  • is made in the USA!

Noteboards, the movies

Thanks to Jan Osolnik in Slovenia for this awesome Noteboard video!

(Note, the video features a version 2 Noteboard, where the pen included an eraser. We have since moved to version 3, which has our new longer lasting pen that erases more easily, but no built-in eraser)

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