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Mapping the Business Model Design Space - Card Deck (4" x 6")


Why a Card Deck for Mapping the Business Model Design?

Not one person in your organization can portray a complete picture of the extent of your business model and environment. Only by representing the knowledge and know how of each expert in your organization, can you develop a common understanding of your environment.

How do I use them?

Ideally, you organize the workshop with a group of individuals with different functions and from different departments of your organization.

To start, you decide on the four areas:

  • Industry Forces (5 cards)
  • Market Forces (5 cards)
  • Key Trends (4 cards)
  • Macro Economic Forces (4 cards)

Take all cards from one area, and put the first card on the wall next to the Business Model Canvas. The color coding and visuals on the cards make is easy to facilitate the positioning in the right place.

Answer the questions on the card by inserting discussion topics from Stattys Notes, spreadsheets, graphics, products, magazine excerpts or anything useful and legible. Preferably, use visual material over plain text.

Continue this process with the remaining cards on the other selected areas. Keep going until you have worked through all the cards.

What are they?

These cards provide a mapping tool for workshop and aim to portray and record visual models of your business concept. They will assist you with the challenge of your new business model. With a visual concept, you will create a more concrete understanding of your environment.

  • size: 4" x 6"
  • quantity: set of 30 cards in total

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