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Stattys Noteboard Foldable Pocket-Size Dry-Erase Whiteboard

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  • The durable, portable, rewritable, pocket size whiteboard - One side is plane white, other side with supporting grids
  • Folds up, map-style, from 5" x 3" to 35" x 15"
  • It is easy to fold to its pocket size and take with you anywhere
  • Travels neatly in the machine-washable microfiber pouch that also works as your eraser
  • You can draw you sketches literary anywhere. Also good for learning and home schooling

Why Stattys Noteboard? (Foldable Pocket-Size Dry-Erase Whiteboard)
This foldable Stattys Noteboard impresses with its pocket size. The drawstring pouch contains the Stattys Noteboard Sheet and high quality dry-erase marker in black, blue, green & red. The pouch works as your eraser. You can carry this Stattys Noteboard comfortable with you whether in the home office, in the subway, in the train or simply at meetings or friends. Notes and sketches can be quickly drawn on the Stattys Noteboard and then wiped clean. It is durable and rewritable.

How do I use it?
Use the Stattys Noteboard folded up and you have a small space for short notes or reminders. When you unfold Stattys Noteboard you will get an area of approx. 35" x 15". Now write on it with the included dry-erase or your favorite marker. Take photo as a digital protocol. Fold it up again and take it to your next meeting or to review and rework your sketches. When unfolded, you will find your recordings unblurred. You can make any additional entries, correct or wipe them clean.

What is it?
Stattys Noteboard is a foldable dry-erase whiteboard. The whiteboard sheet consists of 7 cards in 5 rows, which are laminated on both sides. It has a pure white side and a rasterized side with grids. Due to the narrow gaps between the individual cards, the Stattys Noteboard can be easily folded up. We ship the Stattys Noteboard folded, in an attractive black microfiber pouch with a drawstring closure. This pouch can also be used to wipe off the writing or drawing. Due to its size, it fits comfortably in your pocket or a handbag.

What you will get?

  • 1x Stattys Noteboard Sheet (map-style, from 5" x 3" folded, up to 35" x 15" unfolded)
  • 1x Stattys pouch (you can erase your sketches with this)
  • 4x dry-erase marker in black, blue, green & red

Customize your Stattys Noteboard

We offer customized Stattys Noteboard for your business needs and branding of your company and services. This is an excellent and innovative tool for the promotion of the products and services to your clients, associates and partners.  Simply send us your inquiry and we will assist you with the design of your own customized Stattys Noteboard. Please note that only the pouch can be customized, but not the single Noteboard Sheet or markers.

  • order 300 Stattys Noteboards
  • Delivery time: normally 3-4 weeks from approved artwork

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