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Stattys Notes
Starter Set 1


Why Stattys Starter Set 1?

The Stattys Notes Starter Set 1 is ideal for beginners and for those who wants to learn more about our innovative product. The main product in this set: are our Stattys Notes pads.

How to use it?

Thanks to the convenient travel size, you can easily take always a pad for your spontaneous ideas. The pad fits into the shirt pocket or handbag and should not be missing in the car. The brilliant movement function makes it easier to structure your ideas.

What is it?

What makes the Stattys Notes unique? They are electrostatic charged notes, which means that you can stick them to any smooth dust free surface without the hassle of adhesive strips.

The permanent marker: it is perfect for writing on the Stattys Notes pads.

The Stattys Bag: we wanted you to be able to take your Stattys Notes Starter Set 1 with you, when you travel. It takes very little space and protects your Stattys Notes.

Content of Stattys Notes - Starter Set 1

This set includes:

  • Stattys Bag in black
  • 3 Stattys Notes S (size 4" x 3") - green/orange/yellow
  • 3 Stattys Notes M (size 8" x 4") - green/orange/yellow
  • 1 duo permanent marker in black

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