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Value Proposition Canvas small - 25 units Trainer Kit


Why Value Proposition Canvas?

If you are new to the Value Proposition Canvas, have a look of  this 2 minute video from the creator, Alexander Osterwalder. 

We also recommend this new free content on the site.

Download the pdf. View the learning objectives and instructions. On the right side you find free content as video and also some downloads. You also should find all the products mentioned here in our shop, if you prefer to order them. They are the same original materials that Strategyzer uses in their offline training and workshops.

You are a trainer, business designer, consultant or workshop facilitator? This is a practical toolkit for a training or a workshop for up to 50 participants, if they work in teams of 2.

It is about finding the best possible product-market fit. With this simple method you can quickly visualize the Jobs-to-be-done of your customer and what pains their struggle with while accomplishing their tasks. You will also focus on the gains the customer will want to have.

Develop and test the value proposition of your products or services with this canvas from Alex Osterwalder. Alex recommends the use of this canvas together with “Lean Startup / Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from Eric Ries, and the principals of customer development from Steve Blank.

How to use it?

This is Alex’s step-by-step process:

  1. Write your ideas on our Stattys Notes and place the notes on your value proposition canvas. This is a trainers box that we created extra for the small Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas
  2. Test your assumptions about the customer, meaning, "get out of the building" (as per Steve Blank). See this video and we believe you will "get it" really fast.
  3. Customize your assumptions from newly gathered insights
  4. Change values and benefit propositions according to your new findings
  5. Build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and customize it according to your value propositions. If you want to refresh your memory about MVP, this 3 minute video from Eric Ries should help. 

What is it?

This bundle/kit contains the following products:

    • 25 units - Value Proposition Canvas folded
      size folded: 8" x 12" (A4)
      size unfolded: 17" x 12" (A3)
    • 5 units - Value Proposition Canvas Instruction Manual
      A small Instruction Manual booklet that explains how to use the Value Proposition Canvas

Links & References

Blog Post from Alex Osterwalder on Value Proposition Canvas

Lean Startup from Eric Ries

Blog from Steve Blank

Need training or want to become a business model expert? Check the Strategyzer trainings here.

Looking for the large Value Proposition Canvas for teams. You will find it here.

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